Below is a selection of projects I have worked on. Check out my GitHub for many more projects and open-source contributions.

Detective Butler
Goldbar Games
Wrote the story and programmed the game using the open-source game engine ONScripter (C++). For the Steam release, I modified the engine to use OpenGL.
Snowball Saves Christmas
Goldbar Games
Created the game in Unity using C#. Released for Android on Google Play and Amazon Kindle. Integrated Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, and In-App Purchases.
Snowball Saves Summer
Goldbar Games
Created the game in Unity using C#. Released on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. Livestreamed its development on Twitch. Had it translated into Turkish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese.
Goldbar Games Website
Goldbar Games
Official website for Goldbar Games. Most recent version (2020) built with Python, Django, AWS, hosted on Heroku. Includes user accounts, comment system, payment processing, and much more. The previous version (2014-2019) was hosted on GitHub Pages and used Ruby and Jekyll. Also at one point maintained a server that used PHP and MySQL (LAMP).
Goldbar Games Store
Goldbar Games
Official merchandise store for Goldbar Games. Created with Shopify.
C++ Game Engine
Goldbar Games
Currently developing a game engine in C++ using SDL and OpenGL. Livestreams development on Twitch.
Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2021
Decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain that allows Twitch streamers to mint NFTs (ERC-721) as they grow their follower count. Data is accessed via the Twitch API using Chainlink and smart contracts written in Solidity. External adapter is hosted on AWS and the NFT metadata is dynamically uploaded to IPFS using the Pinata API.
Vendor Bids Portal
Madison County, Illinois
A C# web application that lets vendors do business with the county.
Vote By Mail
Madison County, Illinois
A C# web application that lets voters register to vote by mail.
My Portfolio Website
Anton Strickland
This website you are currently on was made using Javascript technologies including Node, React, Next, Express, and Web3. The CSS is from Semantic-UI. Currently hosted using Heroku.

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