Anton Strickland

About This Blog

One thing I really regret is not starting up a proper blog sooner. Sure, I've blogged on my other website, but I've always felt limited to what I could talk about on there. After all, the people reading over there are fans of my games, and likely only want to read about updates to what I'm working on, or maybe just developer insights in general.

This blog is for everything other than that.

The reality is I've always been a deep thinker. Although I almost never misbehaved as a child, when I was two years old my parents would "punish" me by putting me in the "thinking chair", and to quote my mom: "the problem is, he likes it." My friends definitely know me as someone who perhaps even overthinks about things. Anyone who has ever attended one of my streams knows that I can talk and ramble about ideas for hours. In some ways, I probably enjoy thinking about ideas more than I enjoy coding or game development.

Everything is a puzzle for me to solve. I enjoy learning about the world -- how things are and how things work. And I want to understand it enough to be able to put it all back togeter and explain it to someone else. Whether you'd call that being a detective, a scientist, or a philosopher is up to you.

So I've considered pursuing things further. I want to write books and make videos on topics that I'm interested in. Everyone else is doing it. Why am I afraid to speak out? Because it doesn't fit my brand? Because I'm not enough of an expert? Because I'm afraid of potential backlash? Well, if there's anything I've learned in the past few years, it's that you should never make decisions based out of fear. Make decisions based on hopes and goals you want to achieve, not things you want to run away from.

The first step involves writing a blog. It's easier for me to organize my thoughts in written form, and in most situations it's easier for people to digest it. The words on this site can be picked up by search engines. I can amass a following, and once I do that I'll have a group of people I know will be interested in buying a full book. Maybe several. And I'd be able to earn a living from doing something I enjoy. Even if I earned less money than what I could get from a software development job, the freedom and sense of purpose I'd get from it would make life worth living.

While technically this is the first post, you might also see some posts dated "before" this one. That's just because I wrote those posts way back then, and I wanted to upload them with an accurate timestamp. The date you see on this post is the date I started posting here.

On a side note, ever since I learned about blockchains, I've been obsessed with their valuable property of being an immutable ledger. I can't prove to you that these blog post dates are real or fake. All I have to do is change a number in this site's database. But if the metadata for these posts were stored in a smart contract on a blockchain like Ethereum, then you'd have proof that I really wrote these posts when I did. Why does that matter? Because I like to make predictions, and I like being able to prove I was right about them.

Maybe in the near future I'll code my own smart contract for that very purpose. For now, I just gotta start writing.